The Story of Dads on Tap, Ep #1

The Story of Dads on Tap, Ep #1

Welcome to the first episode of Dads on Tap! Our goal is to help dads become better dads. We do so by partnering with local breweries to create spaces for dads to come hang out, have conversations, and learn from other dads. In this episode, we’ll share how Dads on Tap got started, why my story is an integral part of Dads on Tap, and end with three practical tips that can help you become a better dad.

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  • Learn more about our sponsor: Slow Pour Brewing [0:48]
  • Why Slow Pour Brewing engages in its community [3:11]
  • The philosophy behind Slow Pour Brewing’s beer [4:54] 
  • John explains the artwork on their beer cans [6:37] 
  • A Slow Pour beer that everyone should try [8:51] 
  • Learn how Dads on Tap got started [11:26] 
  • The mission and vision of Dads on Tap [15:23]
  • Why my story is an integral part of Dads on Tap [16:41] 
  • Three practical tips that you can utilize right away [29:00] 
  • What the future of the Dads on Tap podcast looks like [35:54] 

Dads on Tap: The Origin Story

I had a conversation with a neighbor about a few things we were struggling with as dads. We were just trying to figure out how to take the right steps to help our kids in difficult times.

Dads often feel alone. They don’t have somewhere to go to connect, engage with other dads, and learn how to be better dads. I approached my neighbor with an idea, and two weeks later, we met with Slow Pour Brewing to talk about how to engage with their community. 

I bet my neighbors would love to go to the brewery, drink a beer, and learn how to become better dads in a cool environment. So I pitched it to Slow Pour. We’d call it “Dads on Tap” and brand it as a night for dads who care about being better dads. That’s the heart of Dads on Tap. 

Other breweries heard about what we were doing and began to reach out, hoping to bring dads on tap to their breweries. Three years later, we’ve now expanded to six breweries. 

My story is an integral part of Dads on Tap

I grew up in Michigan—and until I was eight—my dad ran a successful company. We lived in nice houses, drove fancy cars, and took vacations. Life was great. But when I turned eight, we moved to a new community and his business failed. Financial resources dried up. We often didn’t know where the next meal would come from. Ultimately, my dad had to file for bankruptcy and we lost everything.

My family fell apart. My mom left and my dad struggled as a single parent. But what if my dad had a place like Dads on Tap to come to talk with other guys? What if he had heard someone share ideas that could’ve helped him? What if someone helped him answer the question: How do you be a good dad when your world is falling apart? 

Despite it all, my dad was always there for us. But we faced a lot of challenges in our relationship. When my mom came back, he pulled us aside and said, “Mom’s coming home. We’re not talking about it—we’re moving on.” I thought I had moved on from the trauma. It took 20 years to realize that I hadn’t. It was impacting my work, my relationships, and my children. 

So I spent six years in counseling working through my past. I took a deep dive into a healing journey to try and fix those things to be a better man, husband, and father. I work continuously to answer the question: How do we become the men we want to be for our children? 

If my dad could’ve had a safe place to have conversations about parenting and becoming a better dad, it would’ve made life a little bit easier. 

Three practical tips that you can utilize right away

Now that you know why I’m dedicated to helping craft better dads, I want to leave you with some practical tips to help you get started.

  • Understand your gaps. What things will get in the way of being a good dad? How do you know if you have a gap? When something comes up in your life and your response is bigger than the issue at hand. Sit down and have a conversation with someone you trust. Figure out what your gap is and how you’ll fill it to be a great dad. 
  • Never say “I’m sorry.” Instead, say, “I apologize—will you forgive me?” It takes humility. It’s acknowledging what you did. It’s doing your part to try and repair the mistake you made. 
  • Do not quit. Being a dad will always be challenging. Please don’t give up on your kids. Push through the hard times. Let them know that you’re in it with them and that you’re there for them. They’ll know you care enough to show up for them. 

Dads on Tap isn’t just about getting everything right. We could spend hours talking about the dumbass things we’ve done as dads. The truth is, we can’t get everything right. But we can take steps in the right direction. 

If you’re a brewery owner or a dad that loves beer with a favorite local brewery, connect with us. We'd love to help you bring this to your local community. Email me at

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