Taking Care of Dad with Dr. Deb Cirone, Ep #16

Taking Care of Dad with Dr. Deb Cirone, Ep #16

When you’re working to pay the bills while raising a family, it’s easy to put your health on the back burner—but that’s a huge mistake. According to Dr. Deb Cirone, “You can’t serve out of abundance from a sick body.” But how do you take back your health? What first steps should you take to become a healthier version of yourself? Dr. Cirone shares her wealth of experience in this episode of Dad’s on Tap. 

Dr. Deb Cirone holds a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Atlanta. She founded the AlignLife Chiropractic and Health Center in Suwannee, GA and recently co-founded the longevity clinic, Thryv Medical. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Learn more about Dr. Deb Cirone’s dad [1:48] 
  • The importance of being a united front [3:30] 
  • Being life partners and business partners [5:50]
  • Why Dr. Cirone is passionate about health [10:16] 
  • Are you thriving—or just surviving? [15:37]
  • Dr. Cirone’s biggest concerns about health [20:18] 
  • Dr. Cirone’s rhythms and practices for a healthy life [23:18] 
  • Do the little things that matter long-term [26:46] 
  • One conversation every dad should have [28:42] 
  • The best and worst advice Dr. Cirone was ever given [34:07]
  • What every dad can do (or stop doing) to improve their health [34:30] 
  • Dr. Cirone’s favorite meal (and what she’ll never eat) [36:15] 
  • How to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle [38:16] 
  • Don’t procrastinate—make changes now, not later [41:28]
  • The services they offer at their clinics [42:46] 

Why Dr. Cirone is passionate about health and wellness

When Dr. Cirone was born, she wasn’t vaccinated. When she got sick, had the flu, an ear infection, etc. she went to her uncle, who was a chiropractor. Every time a child was sick, her parents purposely exposed her to the illness so she would build immunity. She learned early on that she got sick less often and got better much faster than most of her peers. Why? Because she was living a healthy lifestyle

Are you thriving—or just surviving?

Most dads want to be good dads, and good husbands, and live a Godly life. But what good are you if you’re sick? People don’t realize that you have a choice. Only 33% of your genes can’t be changed. But you can change 67% by making good decisions. If you don’t do the things you can now to live a long life, you will fall apart. 

Many people have gotten used to living in a state of survival. But Dr. Cirone emphasizes that your body has what it needs to survive and heal itself from illness. Sometimes we just need to remove the interference. 

When you look at the world with open eyes and be your own advocate, you’ll live a better, healthier life. You get to take charge and make better decisions and be the man that you need to be to lead and guide your family.

Take charge of your life

The United States is one of the sickest countries in the world because no one is taking accountability. You have to take charge and stop waiting to be a victim. Connect with people that can help you make good decisions. 

We’re all trying to function out of integrity. You have to do what you’re saying you believe. Find the things that you need to live a healthier life. It matters for tomorrow. You can’t serve out of abundance from a sick body.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. You need to know yourself and what you’re good at and hone in on those things. Dr. Cirone meditates, does yoga, focuses on breathing techniques, etc. It’s time to plan your life so you’ll do the things you say you want to do.

You have to show your kids what you believe

When you do the things you want your kids to learn, they will follow in your footsteps. Be intentional about what you say about yourself and others. Be intentional about what goes in your mouth. We have the most toxic food in the entire world at our fingertips. 

If you have a healthy body, you have a better chance of getting over anything. Teach your kids to read nutrition labels. Focus on organic, free-range, and fresh. Even eliminating the “low-hanging fruit” you have can make an incredible difference. Start with one thing at a time. 

It will be hard at first. But if you eliminate something and try it again, pay attention to what your body is telling you. Do you have heartburn or a headache? When you eat unhealthy food, those chemicals are in your body consistently. Your body becomes acclimated to feeling gross. It’s only when you eliminate them and try them again that you feel the impact of what you’ve been living with all along. 

Listen to the whole episode to learn more practical and tactical tips to start taking better care of yourself.

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