Steve Kaloper: Money Dad, Ep #15

Steve Kaloper: Money Dad, Ep #15

Steve Kaloper is the Founder and CEO of the Kingdom Capital Group and the DoingGoodBetter Foundation. He’s also the author of the book “The Journey Into DoingGoodBetter.” And he’s passionate about empowering people to reach financial independence and give back in ways that align with their heart. He shares how he helped empower his kids to be financially independent in this eye-opening episode of Dads on Tap. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Steve shares his relationship with his dad [2:24] 
  • Learn more about Steve’s wife and kids [5:22] 
  • Steve’s experience growing up in poverty [7:00]
  • Empowering your kids vs enabling them [9:34] 
  • Loving equally vs treating equally [12:13] 
  • What Steve would have done differently [15:14] 
  • Steve’s passion for DoingGoodBetter [18:55] 
  • How to talk to your kids about generosity [22:36] 
  • Steve’s favorite memory about giving [26:42] 
  • The best and worst purchases Steve made [27:41] 

Empowering your kids vs enabling them

Steve and his wife had tough conversations about the difference between empowering their kids and enabling them. They agreed that as long as they could do it financially, they’d invest in empowering their kids with the skills, training, and education they needed—as long as they were responsible. They encouraged their four kids to roll up their sleeves and work hard. 

And they learned to recognize that each of their four kids was different. Each of them needed support in different areas. Your children are all going to be at different stages financially, emotionally, and spiritually. You have to know each of your children on an individual level to understand what they need from you. 

Too many young adults get no training. He helped each of his kids get to the point of financial independence. They did their own taxes when they turned 18. They started to budget. When they went to college, they had to figure out how to manage their cash flow. He empowered them to do what they were capable of doing. 

Steve’s passion for DoingGoodBetter 

Steve partners with couples and families to help them think deeply about stewardship and giving. He helps them look at how they can make the world different because of what God has blessed them with. 

He firmly believes that philanthropy isn’t about how much you’re giving or how often. It’s about the heart. Stewardship is about aligning your heart with making a difference with your time, talent, and money. 

Two summers ago, Steve’s sons and their fantasy football league “teams” were at their lakehouse. They were spending time together and having a good time. One of the guys told Steve, “I want to wake up every day excited about life like you.” 

The next morning he sat them down and told them that their calling as Christian men is to provide and protect their families. It’s to love them with integrity, good character, and values. Loving doing what you do is a bonus

How to talk to your kids about generosity

Generosity is not about big checks. It’s about the heart. We’re called to give and participate in advancing God’s kingdom no matter our financial situation. Find a lane that connects with your heart and begin. Where’s the easiest place to start?

Steve recommends investing in where your kids spend their time. Be a part of discipleship groups. Buy pizza for their youth sports league. Invest in your kids' lives and give to whatever structure or cause they’re a part of. You can also get your kids involved. Let them help you decide what to give and to whom. Don’t wait until they’re adults.

Would Steve have done anything differently? He shares some of the unique ways he’s made himself available to his kids and their friends in this episode of Dads on Tap. 

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